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Thread: Pulsar dfa 75

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    Pulsar dfa 75

    Hi guys am thinking of buying the pulsar dfa 75 but before I do I thought I will ask you guys for advice and what your thoughts is with them distance and if they are any good I have a Swarovski 6/18/50 it would be going on would it work on that thanks in advance barry

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    We offer a 7 Day demo service allowing you to use the unit at home, with no commitment to keeping it (conditions apply)

    As for your riflescope, it is compatible but you will require the 6x lower mag for set up.

    I have a friend/customer with a similar scope who sets up on 6.5x and uses on 10x, although bear in mind the unit will work better (light transfer) on lower mag settings.

    Ideally a mag of 3-6 times as a low setting is adequate.



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