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Thread: What is it........!!!!!!!!

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    What is it........!!!!!!!!

    Okay im opening myself up for a right ribbing here..

    Especially as some on here are professional piss takers

    So... What is it ????????

    I found it along with two deer carcasses that quite possibly were the results of poaching on Arne..

    The deer carcasses were easily within 100 yards of each other


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    + i more for brock, you need to get out more terry at first i thought o no hes put the text on here which you sent me last night

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    was tempted Andy but didnt want to get banned

    I did think it was a badger.. honest


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    Definitely badger. The saggital crest (that ridge of bone on top of the rear of the skull) is a giveaway. I bet the jawbone won't detach from the main skull unlike most animals?

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    are you going to mount it and put it onto your walls with the others? It will definately be the odd one out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mole
    I bet the jawbone won't detach from the main skull unlike most animals?
    Does it extend though? Might be Alien - did he find Ripley nearby along with the two deer?

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    Yes, definitely a badger skull. Also, legally a dodgy area...

    Protection of Badgers Act 1992:

    (3) A person is guilty of an offence if, except as permitted by or under this Act, he has in his possession or under his control any dead badger or any part of, or anything derived from, a dead badger.

    (4) A person is not guilty of an offence under subsection (3) above if he shows tható

    (a) the badger had not been killed, or had been killed otherwise than in contravention of the provisions of this Act or of the [1973 c. 57.] Badgers Act 1973; or

    (b) the badger or other thing in his possession or control had been sold (whether to him or any other person) and, at the time of the purchase, the purchaser had had no reason to believe that the badger had been killed in contravention of any of those provisions.

    So technically, if you couldn't show that the badger had not died as a consequence of baiting, then your skull could be illegal!


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    Like most technical things these days my response after picking the skull up on a great day out would be.... Unprintable....

    Already on the wall Jingzy.. just waiting to be raided

    As for ripley.... damnnnnnnnn i can feel some movement inside me


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