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Thread: Bushnell Legend 8x42 Binoculars

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    Bushnell Legend 8x42 Binoculars

    Looking for my first set of binos and came across these. They look indestructable anyone used them? They're going for £159 so seem quite reasonable.



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    Save save save !
    You will only replace them with something better after a short while .What are you going to be using them for

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    Just general glassing but I'll be using them in the twilight zone

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    If you are looking for good quaility Bin's for not a lot of money look at some of the old posts, one make comes to the top again and again............................................. .................................................. ..........................................Minox Minox Minox. you will need a little more money that the Bushnells but it will be money well spent for Germany optics.



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    Had a look at them but dont know which model to go for. I really dont want to spend more than 200 to 300 max.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beno
    Had a look at them but dont know which model to go for. I really dont want to spend more than 200 to 300 max.
    The BR HG (high grades) are the best although they are about to superceded by a new model.

    Next are the BL they have the same glass as the HG models but weigh more because the HG have a magnesium body while the BLs have a alloy body in addition the HG are argon filled and the lesser models use nitrogen.

    The entry model are the BV these have a composite body but donít write them off the glass is still very good probably better than any else for the money.

    Here are some links, the HG model are only just outside your budget the BVs are the same price as the Bushnells.

    The price for the ones in the links is £320-170 plus postage ect.

    Best rgds


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    Like the look of the BL line cant really justify spending 400 on the Hgs. So looks like i'll get a set of the BL ones in 8x42 thanks for the help Thar.


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    My brother got rid of his Ziess bins and keeped his Minox BLs he was that impressed with them, pleasure to be of help.



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    Hi Beno
    I have a pair of bushnell, fine untill light starts fading, then next to useless. Relly would recomend saving and buying best you can or buy secondhand.

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    hi i started out with a pair of bushnell h2o bins , they werevery good and served me well up untill last year .

    they were very good in low light , but i did have a 100 yd rule , once i could see 100 yds with then i started stalking and once i couldnt see 100 yds i called it a day !

    they accounted for many roe over the years

    i think i paid 120 quid for them from black wolf surplies

    cheers lee

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