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Thread: 204 Brass

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    204 Brass

    Looking to get into reloading the 204 Ruger soon and was wondering what is currently the best brass to use, Heard a lot of Remington brass suffer from split necks after a reload or two ?? Just thought I would ask before I start looking.

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    Nosler is about the best quality brass for the 204.,, Expensive though.

    Hornady brass is pretty good too
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    Nosier every time for me i have used others but i always go back to them.


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    Norma or nosler would be best but both are expensive.
    I use winchester and think its better than remington or hornady.
    I have reloaded some of it 8 times now and no split necks yet.

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    ave got hornady, just hope there ok

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    I am reloading Norma and hornady. Norma are very good but are near twice the price of hornady!

    Both are on same amount of reloads.

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