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Thread: doping the wind

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    doping the wind

    Hi all, found it harder judging the wind on my new 6.5 06 at 1000yds than I did with my 308, would this be normal on the change over.atb swaro

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    Bear in mind 6.5 06 was shooting 6 moa less windage than 308.

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    can't comment on the 308, but when its windy the 7mm will out perform the 6.5mm. when its calm the 6.5mm has it.What bullet are you using in the 6.5-06, I used the 139gn scenar in my winnie with outstanding results..

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    I shot with 142gr smks, I did send some 139gr scenars down range and they too were good, they were sat on 49grs of n160 that gave 2861 fps,142gr smks were on 48.5grs of n160 for 2884 fps, scenars shot about 1 moa higher, did send some 142s downrange on 48.5grs of rel 19 and they shot 1 moa lower than n160 load, all shot well, reckon rel 19 load needed extra 0.5grs of powder, on 50.6 they were doing 2955, load was to hot even though they shot well.

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    Every caliber is different & so the moa , rifle feel & of course the confidence.

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    I dont lack in confidence, every visit I try for top gun, am not driving 100 miles there and back for a that a do attitude, try my damn hardest everytime, the problem is was a colour blind thing, when orange marker is on tan colour with sun shining I can see them, obviously see them on white backer, some targets I had 3 shots just off target on the backer and the forth I couldnt see so wasnt sure if wind had eased or blew more, need to see all shots to be 100 percent which way to compensate if that makes sense to you, if I fired one shot I would know.
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