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Thread: South yorks meet

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    South yorks meet

    Its been 6 months since the last meet, so is anybody up for another? suggestions for a time and place welcome.


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    May well make one in chaps pending place and date

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    never been to one yet - but id deffo be up for one

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    If I,m around, not working away I would be interested too

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    been away for a couple of weeks, I'll pm a few of the usuall suspects.

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    I'm up for it if not working
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    I,m up for it and should imagine one or two others are so I,ll ask em. the big question DATE AND PLACE?????????????
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    Count me in as usual, chance to meet etc and possibilities of sorting a team out to assist me up Scotland. Anywhere will do but don't think its fair that I suggest my local again! Although there are two pubs in the village.....
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    Why don't you come along to the Lincolnshire meet, not that far from you guys, 3 miles from junction 2 M180, Dec 5th 7.30pm.

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