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Thread: Loss of an old pal

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    Loss of an old pal

    I lost one of my labs in jan it was very tuff I got a BMH as a pal for my other lab
    borris my second lab has suffered with a cancer on his back leg for years had it removed a few times had serious surgery last year but it came back but in fairness my vet managed my expectations and said it was a bad cancer anyhow it got bad and he'd been strapped up for a couple of weeks I guess I patched him up for me which was selfish I know .ive had Borris and his brother jester since they were eight weeks old I had him looked at Friday had the weekend with him nice treats nice teas mooching about but found a load of lumps in his neck and back so took him today and had him put to sleep. He was my pal my sounding board my shoulder my crutch and it was his time
    im sure this will strike a chord with a lot of you and shooting and stalking pals on four legs are part of the gang.sorry for going on no other outlet to talk to really and I know you guys and gals will have a bearing on where I'm coming from
    Borris and jes it was an honour and a privilege to be at your sides so very much missed. See you lads another place another time x

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    Sorry youve lost your pals there Lovatscout......dreading the day mine go.
    Savour the happy times.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I've mentioned losing mine a couple of times on here, that's when all differences between members seem to be put aside as we all know what that feelings like.

    ​ Sorry to hear of your loss...

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    Bad luck mate. Sorry for your loss.

    Sounds like you took great care of Boris and Jester and did right by them

    Very sad but just try and remember all those good times

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    So sorry to hear of your loss, it sounds like you had a relationship with them both second to none. Keep thinking of the good times and go make some more of those with the BMH.


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    I'm so sorry mate, that must have been very difficult to write.



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    We're lucky to have them, even if it's only for a short time. Even though there are curses and frustration sometimes, it's all the good stuff that you'll remember, and each one has their own personality to remember them by.

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    Sorry to hear of your loss Lovatscout - We lost our Jack Russell Corky last year and I cried in the vets room
    breaks your heart when they go
    he had cancer too
    All the best

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    Sorry to hear of your loss, I lost my Jake to cancer a few months ago and it was a real hard decision to take him to the vet the last time but you 'know' when the time is right. I still miss him when I take the other two out on their walks.

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