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Thread: Does anyone do waterproof trousers with short legs?

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    Does anyone do waterproof trousers with short legs?

    Hi all

    I have the handicap of having short legs, 28 in side leg, I have enough problems finding ordinary trousers to fit.

    Does anyone know if there are waterproof trousers out there, below 100 to suit?


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    Have the same problem as you.whilst not trousers try the le chameau terre neuve leggings.look very tough and thorn proof as well as waterproof.cheapest by far at avalon guns and great service.regards richard

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    Cheers Richard I will have a look, but I am after trousers.


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    The Ridgeline trousers come out at circa 29". I have both the Roar, and the Pintail, which has a series of zips that allow you to adjust the length, 29" being the shortest.

    The Roar are great, because they have an adjustable strap which allows you to tighten the bottom around the ankle. So even if they are a little long, you can stop them dragging on the floor. Roar are heavier duty than the other Ridgeline trousers, but also a little noisy.

    The soft, quiet material, and extra pockets on the Pitail are great, but they are loose at the bottom, and are likely to drag unless you wear gators. Also found they were a little chilly, sitting in a seat in the howling wind, with it blowing up the trouser leg !

    Next on my list "to buy", is the Ridgeline Torrent. The same soft quiet material, but has the ankle straps. Don't think they have many pockets though, and, seem to be in short supply at the moment.

    All are rated as 100% waterproof.

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    I really rate the below trousers and pretty cheap with a range of leg lengths and sizes, these are what I stick with a soon as it gets wet and cold

    Search results for: 'stealthgear trousers'

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    Contact Roedinator he was complaining of the same thing, he couldn't get legs short enough.
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    I think he sorted it in the end by getting a waterproof gilet and wearing it upside-down mike.

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    Had my Prohunters altered professionally, through Scottcountry, although I don't think it's a service generally available?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    Contact Roedinator he was complaining of the same thing, he couldn't get legs short enough.
    All sorted now new pair of nomad over trousers so far very pleased with them

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    A bit more than your budget but are very well made

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