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Thread: Insert barrels or Einstecklauf in drillings and combination guns

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    Insert barrels or Einstecklauf in drillings and combination guns

    Rather than hijacking the drilling thread how well do insert barrels actually perform and are they a fit once and leave it there proposition, or can they be removed so that you can use the shot barrel. Not in the field I would imagine, but in the comfort of your gun room, or if travelling at your accommodation.

    I am toying with the idea of getting a 22 cf (probably a 222) for my 16 over 7x65r, with the 22cf being mainly used for vermin, and smaller Roe. But it would be good to be able to continue to use the shot barrel if needs be - away stalking, but lets go and have a potter through the woods after some woodcock, or lets have a go at the ducks type scenario.

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    just wondering if any body any thoughts on this topic, or where can i get some expertise?

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    I have a .22lr einstecklauf which is a short one, only attached at the action end. This can be taken out and put back in and zero remains the same as it has a groove cut out of the shell holder so it goes back to the same place each time. As far as I am aware, the only other 'shorts' are the .22magnum ones. The benefit of these shorts are they can be bought second hand and fitted to any correct calibre. But the long ones can rarely be fitted to another gun as they have to be fitted by a gunsmith and milled down etc, and once in they tend to be left in.

    Accuracy of the shorts is about 50m max, but that is fine for me, anything further and 7x65r is used!

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    Have a look at this. I can read German but you can use Google translate:

    his one has a litle Gb Flag at the top right:

    have been toying with putting one of these in one barrel of my 16b Simpson. 16b slug in one and not decided on caliber for the Einstecklauf.

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