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Thread: new member in surrey

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    new member in surrey

    hi all im 50 years old been a shooter for thirty, manly pheasant and ducks
    also into dogs picking up done abit of rifle shooting in australia and new zealand and now living back in the uk ive been watching this site for some time now and can see it growing at a fast rate off knots, so i thought i would climb aboard it seems there are some good deals to be had with the guys advertising stalking so look forward to getting out and doing a bit cheers to all jewfish

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    Hi Jewfish,

    A big welfcome to a forum that seems to be growing at a hell of a rate.

    Would be interested in your experiences while hunting down-under. I have just posted a welcome to an Oz hunter - & mentioned that I will be hunting there in years to come.

    Very different from the gentle stalking we offer over here - but bloody satisfying by all accounts.



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    hi ian thanks for the welcome,most of the hunting is in NT in ozz buff and big pigs, unfortulatly there are a lot of operators moving in to the NT sowing up most of the hunting you can hunt for free if you get the contacts! and the deer are in the east coast sambar are free to hunt in victoria, ive never got over that way reds fallow hog deer also

    if you are planning a trip you have to go to NZ is a magical place i hunted a mountain thar when i was there, in 2006 , 6 hour slog up a mountain but worth it , nz is totaly free range, hunt where you like with no ristrictions, i belong to the NZ hunt forum its called awsome hunting and fishing, have a look its a great site! very exiting when the roar is on
    and the thar and chamie rut, them NZ boys love there hunting and myself cannot wait to get back to get that chamios that got my sent and dissapered after another mountain climb, cheers jewy

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    New Zealand hunting

    Hi jewfish,
    nice to talk to New Zealand guy. I've seen your mail about stalking in NZ and also that you've some contacts over there. We are a coupleof belgian hunters, used to stalk in UK but dreaming about stalking in NZ. Perhaps you could bring me in contact with some NZ chaps?
    thanks for your comment.

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