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Thread: Musto Synthetic Tweed Breeks

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    Musto Synthetic Tweed Breeks

    Anyone use these? They came out a while ago and cost a fortune but they are now starting to show up as sale items. They are in the Shooting Times this week for £55. If people think they are any good then I will take a chance on a pair. The jackets are in the same ad for about £140. JC

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    A mate ran out and bought the outfit when it came out.

    I couldn't really understand what all the fuss was about - i know they made a claim about it being like camouflage on the hill and the weatherproofing, but the older guys on the hill i respect have always just used the real tweed.

    He soon went back to his normal kit.

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    I can't comment on the trousers but I have the jacket, which I bought for £140ish, and it is a good job. The colours work well on the hill and it is relatively light weight which makes it ideal for September stalking. You can always add a fleece etc. in winter or I use my heavier Musto Highlands for hind stalking. Everyone who has seen mine has loved it and hinted that at £140 they will be having one.

    On the down side it doesn't have as many pockets as the Highlands, it isn't as long as the Highlands and I don't think it is as robust either. I can't comment on long term robustness but don't think it would sustain a lot of hard use. Also be careful of the sizing as it is a little different from the other Mustos and you probably need a size bigger than normal.

    It is slightly noisey, though not too bad, but not enough to be a problem for hill stalking and I've used it in forest situations as well with no concerns. The other thing is that the fabric does go a bit "shiny" when wet if that makes sense so if you are after the ultimate in camo then it isn't for you.

    All told I think the coat is excellent for moderate use in moderate weather especially on the hill.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, I think I will give them a miss. JC

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    The reason why they are selling them off so cheaply is because they were totally overpriced from the beggining and they never sold enough commercially. I know the guy who put the deal together with the CEO of Musto.

    This man has now brought a great deal of the stock and is knocking them out for the prices mentioned. To me and in my opinion, they were always overrated, over priced and were trying to compete in a competative market with much better alternatives for stalkers to use and buy.

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    I agree Malc, at £400 they were way OTT. However, I think I got a good coat for £140 and it is good quality stuff. My dad liked mine so much I had to get him one as well, he doesn't stalk so it is just for general wear. I guess that puts the price of mine at £280!

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    I agree , paid a similar amount for mine & its alot of coat for the money but at £400 you'd feel robbed .
    Haven't had it long but seems fine to me & quality is spot on .
    Mine is a size up from what I'd normally choose & is still a little snug .Got the pants too but haven't worn them for fear of getting the piss ripped out of me !!!

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    Cheers Malc, I suspected as much but just thought that if people came back and said they were ok then I would have took a chance on a pair. JC

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    I agree with your comments guys. They are good value for £140, which if this price had been applied to them from the get go, they would have sold vastly more of them than they did. Instead they over priced them, and the market, to me would never sustain a high priced item when there is so much choice available. Plus do not forget, I beleive they also had two suits to buy, one for summer and one for winter, that would leave you about £800 plus out of pocket

    The Munroe tartan pattern is very much like the Alladale pattern funny that.

    Besides the whole suit is really at home on the hill, so that also limits your market potential. I am afraid Mossy Oak break up and Harlika clothing is streets ahead in sales.


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    I was talking to the man who is the Munro part of the name a couple of weeks back, in fact he was at my house and I noticed that he had a suit or two on the back seat of his pick up. If anyone is interested I will ask him what sort of price he is willing to take, might get a deal you never know.


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