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Thread: Katie Morag and the perfect family holiday

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    Katie Morag and the perfect family holiday

    The new BBC kids programme, Katie Morag, set on the fictional island of Struay in the Hebrides was shot in the area around Dollag's Cottage self catering holiday accommodation and this is already starting to generate some interest as kids who have watched the show, or their parents, fancy taking in some of the "Katie Morag lifestyle."

    The West Side of the Isle of Lewis, where the show was shot, is the ideal destination for a family holiday as the kids can have the freedom to do all the outdoor stuff that kids should be doing. Katie Morag is a big Pooh Sticks fan and there is lots of scope for this in the area but there are also a wide range of other activities. With the cottage being located on a working croft the kids can, in spring, help feed the pet lambs in between playing on the local beach, or looking for otters or even catching their own dinner. This year we've been really pleased that quite a number of our younger visitors took the opportunity to head off with the fishing rods provided and managed to catch their dinner on the local trout lochs, which are free fishing and are within a few minutes walk from the front door. The adults also enjoyed their fishing with all our fishing guests going away pleased with their days out. There was very little water this year and salmon were not so easy to catch as usual so 3 fish for one day was the best day managed by the cottage guests this year, we'd hoped we might have had a double figure salmon day this year. However everyone did very well at the trout fishing and were happy with their catches.

    If you have kids and would love to see them free to enjoy the outdoors in one of the wildest, most remote and most interesting spots in the UK then be sure to take a look at the Dollag's Cottage web site and get in touch about giving them a holiday to remember:

    Unfortunately as the cottage is on a working croft, effectively a livestock farm, it is currently not possible for visitors to bring pets.

    Now for a few photos of the area around the cottage:

    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    Looks absolutely beautiful...unfortunately I wouldn't be able to go as my dogs come on holiday with me if in the UK.

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    I am afraid I have the same problem, but it does look wonderful.

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