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    Has anyone on this site bought and tried out the Harkila Po Hunter jacket and trousers


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    I've never heard a bad word said about them Max although haven't tried them personally. I've been looking at their 'invisible X' stuff as I do like the cammo rather than plain but the cheapest I can find them is 360 just for the Jacket! It should be bloody good for that price! I don't think any of their gear is bad but then, you get what you pay for I suppose?

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    I have loads of Harkila gear and whilst it's expensive you get real value for money as it does what it says on the box. If I had to list just 2 items I would say the Kodiak Suit and the High Bird breeks are tops. 180 for a pair of breeks is certainly a lot of money but well worth it. If they sold underpants i'd buy them !

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    I have just spent 2 days stalking in Skye which has seen its fair share of rain and have been delighted by my Harlika prohunter trousers and jacket , They kept me dry both days so yes I think they are an excellant piece of kit, Expensive but as has been said you get what you pay for.

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    Thanks all

    Pro Hunter it is then


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    I have the Kodiak trousers and the Pro Hunter jacket. It's expensive, but top kit. Try John Norris to see if they have any Harkila kit left. When I was there in September they said that they were stopping stocking it, not because it was not excellent kit, but because the exchange rate made it too expensive. They were selling Kodiak jackets for 275, which is a steal.

    Mcleods of Tain ( also had good deals on Harkila - that's where I bought my jacket.


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    Thanks for that willie_g

    The cheapest I have found so far for the PH is Tomas Turner on the net.
    Jacket is 310.95 and trousers 169.95 incl postage

    Uttings in my local town (Norwich) are 10.00 dearer on jacket and trousers.

    Im getting a little tied of camo and was thinking about a block colour instead but im not to sure how it will work on the hill.
    For the last 15years for my one week on the hinds its always been camo and I have always done well, so if it aint bust "do I fix it"


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    Check out Scottcountry prices , service is superb.


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    I'm currently on my second ProHunter jacket. Have tried many jackets over the years and these are the best I've worn. Not perfect, but then what is - they're by no means light and a little warmer than some, but that's no bad thing, you just need to adjust you're layering accordingly.

    By the way, I'm on my second because I lost a load of weight and the first doesn't fit any more - still perfectly good condition after around three or four years wear - I still couldn't find a better alternative the second time round when looking for the smaller size!

    By the way, bought the second from Scott Country (first from Bush Wear if I recall correctly) - great service and the cheapest I could find too...

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    I have had a pair of Pro Hunter trousers for a year and they have been really good - too warm for summer though.

    In December I was invited over to Sweden for some elk/wild boar hunting and while there had planned to buy a Pro Hunter jacket but ended up getting a Chevalier Outland Action Jacket which was expensive but excellent. (solid colour not camo). My every day stalking jacket is a Waterproof Smock/Parka in leaf camo from Country Covers in Devon which I am also v. pleased with (comes with a 4 year guarantee).


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