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Thread: traditional 3 draw stalking scope

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    traditional 3 draw stalking scope

    A young lad that I know is looking to get hold of a "glass" and asked me if I could help. I offered to put up a post on the site, I don't think he's that well off, so a brand new Gray & Co is out of his league.



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    I have a 3 draw stalking scope , old but in fair condition .The leather case needs a new strap but the tubes are good and tight and the glass is clear .It has a brass front lens cap and the usual eyepiece protector disc. I used this until a couple of years ago when I changed to binos.
    ​I have no idea of value but this telescope is old , my father had it before me .
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    I have a Schmidt and Bender 3 draw scope on ebay. Might be out of his price range but it's an awesome scope..

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