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Thread: No1 Shell Plate - Hornady Pro-Jector Press

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    No1 Shell Plate - Hornady Pro-Jector Press

    Bit of a punt, but.......

    Has anyone got a No1 Shell Plate for a Hornady Pro-Jector Press that will part with for cash and gratitude.



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    Hi Ratty, I have a no 1 shell holder flat bottom [type that fits in Lee auto-prime] if its any use ? thanks.

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    pridge, many thanks for the help l'll find out......

    Frantic sounds of internet search's...... Give me a minute..... Or three...

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    Just had a look but only got a no. 6, 22 and 29 sorry

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    What calibre is it for. Got one for .308 case head. Might have one for .223. I'll have a look.

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