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Thread: fireworks and dogs

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    fireworks and dogs

    We have Just had the usual fireworks let off at the village bonfire a couple of hundred yards from my place the dogs needed loads of reassurance that things were ok the younger one shaking and panting why is it they never bother when out shooting yet fireworks frighten them.

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    Yeah, first time for my Teckel. He did several laps of the house and is now sitting at my feet not wanting to go anywhere.
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    GWP is sat here growling at each bang and wanting to go search for whats been shot.
    The cocker will be laid out with his paws over his ears and both labs will be sitting there with their ears pricked up wanting a retrieve.
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    Funny things, dogs.
    None of mine have ever been the slightest bit disturbed by fireworks.

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    mine sat outside watching them being let off

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    The more you faff about with them the worse they will get,just ignore them.


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    Possibly because they can escape when outside. What your may find I'm afraid is that this gets worse with each firework display. Staying calm and effectively ignoring them and the noise is a big help, but it would due worth asking your local vet (usually the nurses) about nose desensitising

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    just opened the door and out they went down the garden to see what was happening.
    Then came back and settled down as normal.They must have been excited rather than in fear

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    My lab and two terriers could`nt care less.

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    Luckily far enough away from civilisation but when I lived elsewhere it was a real pain I had birds of prey in aviarys too .new year in 2000 was real bad it was like the 1st ww in our street for hours .
    ​poor dogs !

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