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Thread: Rugby

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    O'k Morena

    I'll go with the thread.............who won at Murrayfield ?


    ps Who won at the Millenium Stadium ?

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    What a result;they tackled there hearts out; guts and determination won them that game.well done the scots

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    I wonder how many wished for that conversion kick to miss in injury time. Not sporting I know but don't you just love it when that happens. And YES I was cheering the Scots on
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Why do you think the Ozzie missed the final kick, 20,000 on one side blew while the 20,000 on the other side sucked. The ball was flying true until that happened.
    That try line defence for the last three minutes was awesome. when the try was scored the ball was moved wide to do so otherwise oit was a kick under the sticks,
    Well done the boys,

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    Not a great rugby spectacle but if you can stop the Aussies scoring it is a huge achievement and well done the Scots for fantastic defence and taking whatever opportunities presented themselves!

    I was away from my Sky box and so didn't see the England game but I did watch Wales and despite not firing on all cylinders they put the Argies away fairly comfortably with three tries scored including one scored by Shane Williams from about 40 metres out without a hand laid on him.

    I think Wales will struggle a bit against the Aussies next week as they are losing the ball too much and better teams than the Argies will punish them.

    It also bodes fairly well for the 6N which might turn out to be fairly tight this season as the Scots are right back in it after a couple of years of being frankly second rate.

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    Duplicate post

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    if you missed the england game you didnt miss much , same old crap old farts and carthorses again only moody any good again when will johnson pick a winning team that play expansive rugby not stick it up your jumper and hope . Old LEICESTER tacticks dont work anymore and as he is surrounded by his leicester team mates thing wont change . I often wonder if these people are watching the same game as us the crap they come out with after the game you could write a book of excuses after every game ,but we are stuck with them as rob andrews wont sack them in my book hes no better than the rest just sitting on a fat wallet for doing nothing . Just look at the other teams how they play cant wait till the six nations to get stuffed again looks like Ireland will win again SORRY for being non patriotic but fedup with our set up .Drove over 500 miles from scotland to watch it waste of time should have stayed up there for the win

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    Hang over, still in place, you would have thought I'd have learn't after 25yrs of murrayfield safaris, NOT to try and drink a pint in every pub in Edinbrugh

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