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    I've just bought a very clean and tidy 02 Jimmy with only 60,000 miles on the clock. It came with an extra set of aggressive off road tyres and rims, just the job for getting about on the tracks between fields here and as it is the soft top version will make a useful shooting platform to park up in for ambush.

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    Fantastic little jeeps, my buddy has one, mainly uses it for accessing fields and rough stuff when fishing.
    I have a little Vitara, it's older than the hills but just keeps on going.

    Good luck with your Jimny, i'm sure you will love it.

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    Crap in freezing weather with road tyres though

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    Just watch your self when doing wet roundabouts and tramlines on motorways though!
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    I absolutely love them but would never have one due to dreadful mpg, could never understand how something so light could be so poor on fuel

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    I load on a big shoot & the only vehicle that was 100% , given how wet it was last year was the jimney , with a proper set of tyres the motor was un believable ,it just got everywhere .Good buy ..

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    I find the fuel consumption on mine not bad, I am getting around 36 mpg on long runs and around 32 around town. This is on a auto. If you drive them like a sports car you will have problems, but having said that they are a quick little car.
    Try the links for more info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy milnes View Post
    I absolutely love them but would never have one due to dreadful mpg, could never understand how something so light could be so poor on fuel
    Same here.... I always look at them, but always come back to the thought of... for the same mileage, may as well get a a subaru and be comfortable with some trunk room... Or a Lada Niva and be uncomfortable but unstoppable..... In my case, I don't need the high clearance, just the AWD to cover access roads when wet... Seems like you can't be a hunter unless you have an OD green suzuki of some kind around here....

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    With the right tyres they are very good off road. I used to take part in off road vehicle trials and have seen these little buggers out perform some of the best equipped Landrovers due to their light weight not getting bogged down. Ok they lack the towing and weight load capacity of larger 4x4's and I believe fuel consumption is variable depending on how they are driven but all in all a cracking little get around.

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    Have had one for 4 years now.. on yokohama geolanders. It is excellent... drives well on tarmac and great off road.....
    34 mpg overall . Cheap to insure.


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