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Thread: SAKO L579 / A11 Stocks

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    SAKO L579 / A11 Stocks

    Hi, does anybody know where I might get a synthetic stock for a Sako A11 / L579. I understand Bell and Carlson used to make them but there not in their catalogue. I canít afford Macmillan prices. Thanks.

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    Bell and Carlson certainly did make a stock for the A2. I can't remember if it was called the Carbelite? I had one, it was a bit flexible, but pillar bedded and with the barrel generously floated was perfect for my needs. The rifle shot very well in it and I really rated the stock.
    I bought mine from the UK distributor, who I think was in Manchester somewhere, if memory serves. It was maybe 7 or more years ago, though.

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    Thanks for that, I'll do a search in that area.

    Any more ideas??

    Anybody got one in their safe they'll never use??

    Best, M

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    Remembered- I'm pretty sure that I bought my B&C stock from Wayne at Northwest Custom Parts. I can see no mention of them on his website now, though.

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    Have a look at Redhawk rifles in the states. The stock a lot of Bell and Carlson stocks. They also post direct to you from the states

    i have a T3 stock on its way.


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    You've missed out the f in rifles in the link Jon.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Thanks for that, sadly they don't stock them, but I'll e mail them to see if they have any old stock. Martyn

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    Thanks - saved a few words to the computer! M

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    Thanks, I'll e mail them as well. M

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    I have a L579 and had to make myself a stock for it. Used a Carbon composite stock with an inlet for a Howa 1500 and back filled the inlet.
    Think rear action screw position is the same.
    Lot of work but doable.


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