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Thread: Maths

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    Try this

    Do it in your head, then on paper, and finally on a calculator just to confirm your numerical capabilities.

    1. Pick a number from 1-9.

    2. Multiply that number by 3.

    3. Add 3.

    4. Multiply by 3 again.

    5. Your total will be a two digit number.

    Add the first and second digits together to find your favorite movie (of all time) in the list of 17 movies below:

    Film list

    1. Gone With the Wind
    2. E.T.
    3. Blazing Saddles
    4. Star Wars
    5. Forrest Gump
    6. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    7. Jaws
    8. Grease
    9. The Gay Hairdresser
    10. Casablanca
    11. Jurassic Park
    12. Shrek
    13. Pirates of the Caribbean
    14. Titanic
    15. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    16. Home Alone
    17. Mrs. Doubtfire

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    Wow! It's true !y favorite film is actually the gay hairdresser!
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    Mine too, apparently !

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    Damn I thought I'd be the only one!! Very good!
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    Wow! How did you guess my favourite film was JAWS. Maths was never my strong point.

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    Debbie does Dallas isnt in the list
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    Yep Titanic, I have a sinking feeling this is why ballistic tables don't do me any good and point and shoot is better

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    gave me a film I have never seen.

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    That's good - how can you add two numbers together and get 1 on the film list?


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    Yeah, you don't get it? the answer is always 9! Good old Willie got film no. 7 and admits that he wasn't good at math - very funny...

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