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Thread: Another thumbs up for Zeiss

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    Another thumbs up for Zeiss

    After having a small problem with my rangefinder binocular I had them sent back on Friday last week. Today I was informed by Mark at Zeiss that my New replacement pair will be with me on Friday. Mark had made the resolution of this issue personal to him and had been keeping me updated through the SD on a regular baises. It's this level of customer service which mamakes me happy to spend my money on Zeiss products. Thanks Mark and a big thanks to all the Zeiss team for the very fast service.


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    you get what you pay for mo , glad ive got zeiss now

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    Picking up my zeiss binos at the weekend. Hopefully won't need the customer service, but good to know it's there.

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    more than happy with scope and rf

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    But why don't Zeiss do any of their events in the UK? they seem to have all sorts of training / range / messing about days in scandiland and germany, but nowt over herre?

    Have a look on their website and filter for the uk...nada!

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    Do you mean press events?

    With thanks to Mike (Calton Moor) and others, we have days. We are also at the British Shooting Show, Scottish Game Fair, CLA, The Stalking Show in Kelso (with one of our dealers). Will have a word to put our shows on the German web site.

    BTW - we don't do messing about days !!!! As for training, we have attended BASC, BDS events / evenings and given a brief view and at the same time trying to keep it generic, so we are not just promoting ZEISS, but giving optics advice, sure we have our own Pro's, but generally it can be applied to most manufacturers products.

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    I found the Ziess staff both on the phone at the c l a and stalking fair really, really helpful As stated in previous reply I love the conquest h d bins and think they are well worth the cash

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    Ok, messing about was a little far of the mark, perhaps 'enhanced enjoyment education'. I don't get to go to the shows...need to keep working to afford the zeiss gear (yes i can hear those tiny violins) This is the kind of thing i was looking at...

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