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Thread: Split dew claw

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    Split dew claw

    ok, so my lab is 7ish and a couple of days ago split his dew claw, well, its kind of snapped off half way. I can see the nerve ending (the quick?) and its causing him pain when he touches it, but only when he catches it on something. Most the time its not bothering him, even with a dressing on.

    Its all clean and dressed, but my question is, is it better to take him down the vets and get them to take the whole claw off, OR, keep it clean and covered and let it grow back of its own accord (albeit it may take a while).

    I must stress, its not causing him too much discomfort otherwise I'd be straight down the vets, its only when he's caught it on something. Its not infected, as the dressings are clean when changed. We've stopped walking him through the woods, and he's currently restricted to roads/paths so as to minimise the chance of him catching it on something.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


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    My Lab went through a phase of claws splitting back. In the main I left them alone as they soon grew out again. With a dew claw I would suggesta dab of Hibiscrub disinfectant and keep it clean. It should soon get back to normal

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    It all depends on how much it is dangling! If it is part hanging off, the best action is to remove it the hanging nail. A tim grip with finger and thump and a rapid twist does the job in most cases. If you can't do it (and best done with one holding your dog, another doing the pulling off) then getting your vet to do it might be better. The quick is sensitive, but heals rapidly.

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    What Buchan said. If there is nail dangling then the loose portion of it MUST be removed and is the source of constant discomfort. There should be no need to dress the wound - exposed to air the quick rapidly loses sensitivity (have you ever cut your finger nails too short?). Bandage just makes things moist and sweaty, only required if bleeding.

    Can be briefly painful, so take care.

    Occasionally dogs will get repeated torn nails and then I will surgically remove the dew claws (maybe do 2 or 3 dogs per year so not common by any means).

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    Thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate your comments.

    The reason I have been dressing it is because it looked a bit manky and the dog wouldn't stop licking it. I would put a photo of it here but for some reason I can't load a photo direct from file.

    I'll keep it clean but see how quick it clears up and grows back/no longer hurts.



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    poor monty bet its with opening all those beer cans,pity he isn't ambidextrous hope he gets better soon atb

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