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Thread: Bsa cf2 info

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    Bsa cf2 info

    Hi lads, just wondering what people think about the bsa cf2 rifles, there are some nice ones advertised all around the 250 mark, would they be a good rifle for a novice, thanks tim,

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    The CF2 was an excellent rifle with a very smooth operation of the bolt. Sadly due to the accountants ruling BSA the CF2 was only made in one action length unlike the models previously offered by BSA. The trigger mechanism although adjustable was not as adjustable as earlier ones.

    Despite these drawbacks Compared to previous models the CF2 is a fine rifle.

    Please be aware that apart from the CFT "Target" model none had free floated barrels from the factory. many offered for sale now have free floated barrels and whilst it's not rocket science to do so many are done by folks who should have left it alone. This applies to lots of used rifles I am afraid. Just because it has been floated does not mean it was shoot better.

    I own two CF2 rifles and both are as they came from the factory and both shoot well.

    I would not recommend the use of a bi-pod as I have seen too many with the studs ripped out by bi-pod use unless the front stud is replaced by the machine screw and ferrule type rather than the wood screw type.

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    They are a nice rifle i love mine in 270 and it won't be sold on and it is my go to rifle i love it for woodland stalking, atb wayne
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    Nice old rifle, but it will be an old rifle. You will need to get any rifle checked out thoroughly before you buy or you may be buying a bundle of grief. Saying that sleepers do turn up now and again, and some absolute crackers at that.
    Buyer beware.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I have a stutzen .243 great rifle love the shape and lines of it

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    have one in 270 great rifle, you will find the build quality is very good and although they may be old, condition on them is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    have one in 270 great rifle, you will find the build quality is very good and although they may be old, condition on them is good.
    A good friend of mine has the same rifle, he's used it on everything from moose on down with excellent results . As long as its in decent shape I'd definitely buy one. To the OP, it doesn't matter if your a novice, it would make a good all around rig for anyone, as a matter of fact I think I need one lol.


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    Yep have one. Stutzen in 270 and will be on its way to Scotland with me tomorrow. However also taking the ugly but accurate styer in plastic if the weather is rough.

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    I gave a .243 away to a trainee keeper last year and it was shooting less than 1/2moa when I handed it over. A lovely old rifle.

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    Need I say more
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