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Thread: Are these Swarovski bins any use to anyone?

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    Are these Swarovski bins any use to anyone?

    Whilst in my local bin and camera place the other day I noticed a pair of Swarovski 10x42 el on the shelf for sale. These were some kind of demo model produced with a transparent right barrel which allows the internal workings to be seen. I'm told that they are a fully working pair, however the right barrel is not waterproof and has no attachment point for a strap. On sale at 300. Would these be any use to anyone? If so, feel free to pm me for further details, no connection to seller etc etc.

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    Hi Tuck, I PM'd you but no reply. Could you PM me the details of these Binos please?

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    I PM'd him too, never heard a thing.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    My apologies, I have been out of the country all weekend and working from my phone. It's telling me my replies have been sent, so there's something amiss at my end, I'm sorry. I'll get to a pc tomorrow and try again, bear with me.


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    ​Thanks adrian. I spoke to the shop first thing this morning and bought them.Cheers for letting me know about them!
    Mr B

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    I can't understand this, my message system is showing that have sent pms to you both, could you let me know via this thread if you have received them?

    Many thanks

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    Cancel my last, it appears all is well. I hope they are most useful and that you got a bargain.

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