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Thread: HPR training ground wanted - Scotland

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    HPR training ground wanted - Scotland

    Access to land with some game on it required for occassional training of a couple of HPRs

    Happy for this to be after the game season if necessary, obviously only until nesting season..

    Particularly interested in moorland with grouse, even if an inactive or ex-grouse moor holding few grouse. (wide-ranging dogs, so they'll find them! lol)

    Perthshire / Angus / Fife preferred but happy to travel further.

    SGA/SACS member, therefore public liability insurance in place.

    All posts and pm's treated in strictest confidence.

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    Have u tried the GSP club scotland? They used to train just outside dumblane once a month on a sunday. Think the highland hpr club has a similar setup but obviously a bit further up north.

    I know not ur own ground but better than nowt. Not a lot of game on it thou, i have heard the highland club is a better training ground never been thou

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    I have been out with them before and have done some grouse counting with some of the members, but really looking for somewhere to access a little more regularly than once per month. It is more access to suitable ground with game rather than attending training sessions.

    Thanks for your input.
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