Just a little tip for those of us who get the odd stuck case,( It happens to most sometime). you can have a stuck case anytime, some times for no apparent reason, I just had three in a row!!, good job I have plenty of dies, anyway I shifted them in the workshop with some simple home made gadgets, this idea is not new & is on several forums, but I have'nt seen it on here, first drill out the primer flash hole with a pilot drill around three or four mm, this will ensure your full cut drill to suit your tap stays central, make sure you use the correct undersize bit for your tap, make yourself a collar such as the brass one in the pic, anything softer than your die will do, tap a thread into the base of your stuck case & fit the collar over the case & turn out the case using a bolt & spanner, works every time. s/qq201/stevenarthurlatham/Picture019.jpg[/img] this one is for Muir, check out the case mouth!