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Thread: Crows!

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    Looking for advice please. I part-time keeper a small syndicate shoot and I am having problems with crows eating the wheat out of the spiral feeders. They always bother a couple on the outskirts but this season they are quite literally hammering almost every feeder! As I cant get every day any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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    Maybe kill a few and hang them around.
    Don't know if this would work or is allowed but might help put them off

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    That's often a way of attracting more of the b!!!!!s. I have often wanted to bring them to the gun but never had to try for a deterrent.

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    They are on the feeders all around the shoot and not concentrated in 1 spot is the biggest problem!

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    try a ladder trap borrow or make one feller

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    just hang one or two upside down by one leg as already said yes it does attract them but they will only circle and shout at there dead mate and why not invite your beaters to sit on the hoppers and kill what they can? prehaps make a day out of it for them

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    Ladder trap.If your partridge units are still out you only need to make the top and sit it on the unit.Serious inroads can be made into itinerant flocks of corvids.

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    Yes ladder trap, crows seem to be in pest proportions, seen hundreds this week on unharvested maize.

    They can be decoyed but needs a particular knack which is difficult to aquire.


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    I guess this could work but also frighten off your pheasants

    Decoy Long Eared Eagle Owl from 13.49

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    Cheers guys. Have tried giving them a hammering last few mornings with varying success. Trap set up beside where they were seen the most, cant get them all!

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