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Thread: Amazing Photo

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    Amazing Photo

    This is not meant as a knocking bowhunting thread. More to do with always being amazed at the damage that animals seem to be able to cope with.

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    ****, could also happen with a rifle. Some photo thow.

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    Doesn't look real to me anyhow. If the broad head arrow made it through, surely the shaft would follow? Why would it just stop there? Photoshop?
    Maybe it is real!
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    Looks photo shopped to me. If that was genuine, the arrow would be through the jaw/mouth. There would be a stack of blood.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    if one hunts enough with what ever method rifle,bow even a spear the odd missed placed shot will happen.there some interesting comments which the photo obviously will attract.
    the question should be "is the photo genuine"

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    Aye but the arrow could of been pulled back whilst walking through scrub/undergrowth.

    ​Still thow, dont believe everything on the internet.

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    Doesn't look real to me photoshop

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    +1 what no damage with that type arrow head not even any signs of blood!! looks like a bad photoshop job

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    Probably photoshopped by the Anti brigade then put out for public view.
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