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Thread: Blaser saddle mount problem

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    Blaser saddle mount problem

    I just bought a new 6.5 x 55 barrel for an r93 and my existing saddle mount doesn't fit into position. I have two saddle mounts, both genuine blaser not copies. One fits it ok, the other I can't get the locking levers to move down into position. I don't want to try excessive force. I'm guessing one is just a fraction narrower than the other? How do you adjust these mounts?? Thanks

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    Good evening

    On the right side of the mounts, that is, opposite the QD wings, there are two screws. These need to be loosened a little. You will need a very fine screwdriver to do this: I ended up buying a Blaser screwdriver that is specifically designed to perform this task. Don't worry, the mount will fit.

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    Easy peasy with a shotgun turnscrew.....

    On the opposite side to the clamps you'll see the head of the clamp screw with segmented slots cut into it.... with the clamp lever in the locked or horizontal position, taking it it turns... turn each screw back a half a segment at a time using 12 or 3 o'clock as the reference points until you get the desired clamp pressure. If you go the other way put the clamp lever into the open position.... or hold the clamp tight as you make the adjustment.


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