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Thread: Best deer tracking dog?

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    Question Best deer tracking dog?

    hey guys,
    looking for a new pup to train for deer tracking and blood trailing.
    can anyone recommend the best tracking dog for me please.
    i havent long being hunting/stalking deer my self only in the last few years but as im learning to shoot the dads rifles and hoping to one day get a shot of a deer one day myself ide rather have a dog with me as it would be my (first) deer.

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    Get a Lab. Train it to deer first. Then birds later if you want to.
    There are some people out there who have Lab lines that are very good on deer but I don't know who they are.
    The above advice was not given to me and I ended up with a Teckel AKA very sweet dog with a good nose but as thick as two short planks and can be a stubborn little ba$tard otherwise known as Dexter
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    One of my Chesapeakes can nearly retrieve a fair sized roe and heaven forgive the day i mess a shot he can bring them down and hold. Doesnt bark but hasnt failed yet to find either. "steady", not really but a true hunter in every way. His brother can get on a tree stmp and spot deer 500y away that i cant see with binos... Quite great to see.

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    Teyhan's advice is sound; get a steady lab from known working strains. A lab will get the job done without fuss. A more specialized or 'exotic' breed may well excel at one or two particular jobs, but it usually requires specific training or character considerations. You need a dog which will accompany you, track when encouraged to and get you on the deer with the minimum of hassle. A lab is quick enough for most. My father has a young lab that he got from one of the Buccleur gamekeeper. Amazing dog that even seems to understand my father's continual swearing and hollering.

    i too have Chesapeakes and they are definitely not the best suited deer stalking dogs. They are big, powerful and the wildflowers no1 choice but there are more than a few other breeds better suited to stalking.

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