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Thread: 12 gauge shells

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    12 gauge shells

    what 12 guage shells do those of you who shoot pigeons and crows use as they will be ploughing and drilling here soon and farmer wants something done by the flying scoffers I got an escort and a case of fob standards [I don't do fancy] just tool for job just need an idea of what shells are most good for the task thanks foxxer

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    Crows I use 32g 4&5 as if you hit one in the rear it will drop at 45/55 yards no probs wher as 6 I found they fly across the next field and drop which will Defo turn you shooting around. Pigeons 6/6.5 30@

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    Pattern fails before penetration so it depends on the choke of your gun, if you can use plaswads or not, how much your gun weighs and how many shots you anticipate and, lastly, on if you want to eat the dead birds. Greener's old rule of ninety-six makes a lot of sense. That is you shot weight, 1 ounce, 1 1/16 ounce etc., should be no more than one ninety-sixth the weight of the gun. Or else prologned firing gets uncomfortable.

    With a seven pound gun or even a seven and a quarter pound gun then you can use a slightly heavier cartridge. Whatever choke you use will to some extent dictate the shot size as you'll want no gaps in your pattern at the range you decide to take most of the birds at. Fifteen yards over decoys and improved cylinder (skeet) and fives will do but over thirty yards and either a tighter choke if you use large shot or go down a shot size or two.

    In some ways one can obsess with shot sizes and chokes but an open choke and sevens or even if you aren't going to eat them trap loads of seven and a half will kill most crows and pigeons dead out to thirty-five yards. My choice would be improved cylinder and sevens or half choke and sixes...and if you are eating them lead shot or plated lead shot. Steel breaks teeth!

    For me fours and even fives are a habit dating back to when shot was softer and also not as uniform. When good uniform patterns couldn't be always counted upon form shot to shot to shot. But certainly with tight choke (and tighter than I can shoot wih) fives out to forty-five yards will kill dead. Thirty years ago I borrowed a friends full choke Greener duck gun and dropped crow after crow at fifty yards with Hull Cartridge Company ounce and an eighth fives.
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    30g 6's i use them for everything (ducks excluded)

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    30-32grams of 6's, fibre wad

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    I use nothing but 28 gram 6's fibre wad kills everything

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    6's for almost everything, geese, ducks and foxes excluded. I know a few people who always use 7's swearing by better penetration. I reckon its like most shooting, shooting to your ability puts down the quarry and food on the plate. Long range means I have to walk futher to pick up or send the dog for a runner disturbing incoming birds.

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    gamebore clear pigeon seem to do the trick and there not too badly priced

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    i like rc sipe 32 gram 5's, they kill very well, fast, and i have shot cheaper but i don't find they kill as well, so don't really save money in the long run, so i always go back to rc, and i use them on everything, except wildfowl, then it is eley vip bismuth 32g 5 or 4

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