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    Hats Hats Hats

    Hi All,

    Not really been on the slaptop much recently as I've been up at the bothy shepherding. And the constand rain made me look at the kit im using allot, i use pretty much the same stuff for work and stalking, so i guess its sort of relevant. A quick search on the forum revealed lots about coats and trousers and boots but not alot on hats, which i think are just as important, so i am surgesting a hat thread abit like the ones you get for "lets see your rifle" I am fully prepared for a thread fail but hell, you only live once So a little bit about your favourite head gear, any pictures or links woulld be right champion too Im looking for a new hat to replace my sealskins job, so any advice would be grand

    So to kick it off

    A SealSkinz Beanie, waterproof and warmish, though not my choice for really cold weather (and now leaking after 2 seasons)

    A 30 below hat made from posum fur, this is my favourite hat and is only used in really cold weather, its pretty waterproof but its the warmth that makes it great, although ide say it was over kill for the uk, especially with our new 7oC winters

    and thats pretty much it really


    Sam (:

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    good idea this thread mate - well i think so anyway, especially as im after a new hat!!

    currently using an issue jungle boonie, not water proof or warm !!!

    get your hats out then chaps

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    I normally wear a Cabela's gore-tex camo baseball cap.

    If it's really parky then I have a Deerhunter rabbit fur hat, but with that on I have to be careful when I stick my head round trees in case someone's out varmint shooting


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    I haven't done much stalking but i have spent many a day out on the hills walking in all weathers. I have one of these in green

    its waterproof, warm and packs down quite small. It has a flexible peak which can be buttoned up to keep it out of the way or down like a normal cap (although its a little smaller than a standard peak).

    You can also fold the sides up or down to keep the ears warm if the wind is howling.

    in my eyes a cracking bit of kit, but then i've not used one stalking.



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    Good idea this thread, I've got a few hats, all winter I wear a Le Chameau knitted beanie, had it for so long that the back is wearing through where it meets the collar of a jacket it's about the only thing Le Chameau make that's any good in my opinion, also got a gore tex camo realtree cap for showery days and a Swedteam camo patchwork cap for summer mornings as the sun's coming up. If I had to pick one it would be the beanie but then again I've not got a lot of hair (through my own choice!).

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    I've recently bought a sealskinz beanie for foxing - I tried various types of headgear, but none really fitted the bill...peaked caps clonked my scope and didn't keep my ears warm, normal woolly hats didn't keep the wind or the rain out. Only worn the sealskinz once so far - it's not exactly been what you could call a bit parky yet has it? Have to say though, my noggin was luvver-lee and toasty and dry too, even with it honking it down for most of the time I was out . And my ears - which were designed with generous dimensions and so let a lot of heat out - were uber-cosy.

    Job's a good 'un so far. Only downside I can foresee is if the rain is coming from the 'wrong' direction (and I DON'T mean from the ground upwards before anyone suggests it!! ), and I'm without a peak to stop it getting in my eyes.

    Have to say though that years ago I acquired a deerstalker; I've had that atop my bonce a couple of times, and not had a blank day when that's been with there such a thing as a 'lucky hat'????

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    my secretary got me one of those taliban style hats when she was in pakistan, looks a bit like one of those giant yorkshire puds they do at chain pubs. very warm but a little itchy, also you get a bit of a slagging in the beaters trailer, allah akbar, where's your rocket launcher etc etc yawn.

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