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    New Member based in Germany

    Hi there everyone, my name is Robbo , and I am currently serving in Germany with the British Army. I have been shooting since I was 13 years old , mainly pigeon , rabbit etc. About 4 years ago I qualified for my German hunting license (Jagdschein) and since then i've started shooting larger game. In my first year I shot two roebuck and a small wild boar (20kg). Due to service reasons I was busy and the large game didn't come too often. Before I went to Iraq in Nov 08 I managed to bag an 80kg sow under the moonlight,it was shot well but there was no spoil around. I thought all was lost until I checked the track it ran over about 120m away. Here I found two small drops of blood leading into the woods.Not a good idea to follow a wounded animal into thick woods , I phoned the shoot owner who told me to mark the spot for the follow up in the morning. It was found 70m in the woods stone dead. The bullet had gone in , taken out the heart , but hadn't come out, hence no spoil. Just goes to show how hard the boars can be. When I came back from Iraq in may , I thought i'd be able to get a roebuck but I was out of luck . As the year went on I managed to get a doe and I thought that was that. Last month I was given the opportunity to shoot a Fallow Buck (2B in Germany). He was shot after a stalk early in the morning. Trophy weight is 2600g and i'm still waiting for the bill. A few days later on a driven shoot I managed to get a Fallow calf, ideal for the freezer. A few days later, on another driven shoot I managed to get another small boar (again 20kg) yet again ideal for the freezer. Just waiting for the next full moon. All animals were shot with a 308 rifle using 180grain bullets. Making the most of my remaining time in Germany as my time in the Army is over August next year. It will then be back to Northumberland , where i'll be looking for oportunities. Hopefully i'll get my DSC1 done soon after and then I can apply for a variation to my FAC.

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    Hi gdr1,

    Welcome to the best stalking forum.
    I am permanently based in Bavaria.
    You seem to have had a good season so far.
    I would suggest getting the German friendships really firmed up for possible future hunting invites as when you are back in the UK and away from boar hunting you will most certainly miss that buzz.
    I will be at the Jagd & Hund show in Dortmund on the SfA stand if you fancy a chat.

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