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Thread: Could i please hire/borrow a 4x4

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    Could i please hire/borrow a 4x4

    Hi Guys,
    I was just wondering if I could possibly hire or borrow a 4x4 preferably a pickup for a week in December. Apparently if you aren't 25 yet you don't know how to drive agric vehicles or so the wifey said on the phone. Im 23 and was a keeper for a fair while and recently sold my 4x4 for a sh**e wee car which is no good for man nor beast when you are stalking. I know its a big ask but even if you know someone who has a company that would be willing to let me hire one please let me know. I would be mega grateful for any help folks. If its around the fife slash Edinburgh area all the better.

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    if you dont get anyone offering one for 'hire' privately to you (as commercially, insurance is likely to be unavailable for hire to under 25s which will be why the hire companies dont do it) then you might find the cheapest most effective option is to see if someone wants to join you on whatever expedition you are going. they bring the 4x4 you bring the diesel kinda thing

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    The cost of hiring a 4x4 for a week will be close to the cost of buying an old 4x4 banger , Youd be better off advertising along the lines of "Driver and 4x4 wanted for a week in exchange x days shooting " Good luck.

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    Try SHB 4X4 got about thirty parked up in their Airdrie depot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Try SHB 4X4 got about thirty parked up in their Airdrie depot.
    Cheers mate contacted them and they sorted me out nae bother. Have a good season RED-DOT!!!

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