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Thread: Cover around a pond

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    Cover around a pond

    I'm feeding a newly created pond (1-2 years) and its doing well, but as there is virtually no cover approach is impossible, I'd like to plant a relatively quick growing native species that will benefit both the birds and myself, what would you suggest?? I've already planted a few willow but need something thicker but not overly invasive, What ever it is will have to be hand planted/sown

    Thanks for looking

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    Willow is a good start to offer cover for your approach or to wait for an evening flight. Try some bamboo type reeds, fast growing should reach 6-8 feet tall and in one season, can be a bit invasive though. In the pond edges bull rushes or yellow flag iris will give the ducks some cover making them feel safer, will need thinning out every few years.

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    Phragmites (Norfolk rush) is incredibly quick growing in the margins but will rapidly swamp the pond and will grow out to around 4ft depth on root mats. We use it for cover but you will end up spraying it off a lot. Roundup will kill it when it's flowering but obviously make sure you have the correct licences before applying it to water. Our ponds are around 5 years old but look like they've been there forever now and we are having 150-200 shots a night on wild duck and geese. Steer clear of nymphoides, bistorts and milfoil type sub aquatics as they are very invasive and all legal controls for them have now been banned by the environment agency. Hybrid willows are always good for living hides if you can keep their feet wet.

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    willow wands are good for screening hides if you plnt them thick enough and top them to the hight you require , dogwood , snowberry , cottoneaster , lonicera are easy to grow from cuttings , laurel is good but slow unless you buy big plants as is a miture of quick thorn , black thorn and white thorn

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    Thanks for the replies, lots to get me started there

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    We have bullrushes around ours and irises i think a yellow flower they take hold and cover everything we use 25ml of round up pro biactive in oct and this seem to thin them out be careful if you have a lilys as it thins them out as well and doesn't affect the fish or other pond life though

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