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    Has anyone used one of these? I was thinking about buying a video camera for use for stalking but predominantly target/vermin shooting with my rifle. I then thought that maybe using an iphone on the back of a spotting scope would be a cheaper and equally as good way of doing it.. After all its optical zoom you would be using and its just a matter of either making something like an ''iScope'' or shelling out the cash for one. Although theyre not cheap for what they are..

    Anyone do anything similar?

    iScope iPhone 4 Scope Adapter iS9931/iS9930 FREE SHIPPING : Rural King - $109.99 | Slickguns

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    I made on a while ago, used an old silicone tube, the lid off of 17hmr box, copious amounts of tape, some Velcro and the iscope app. Took a bit of getting used to and was quite entertaining for a while, shot some rabbits and rats with it but probably would be that suitable in a stalking situation. Also tried it on the spotting scope but seemed to struggle with the magnification?

    The picture shows it on a 17hmr but it was ok on 243, don't think the recoil of anything bigger would do the phone any good. (The phone screen was already broken)
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