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Thread: machine washable dog beds

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    machine washable dog beds

    Im looking for a dog bed that I will be able to put in the washing machine and it wont come out with all the stuffing balled up inside.

    My wife reckons that these might be the way forward

    Can anyone recommend a decent one?

    it's for indoor use and the back of the car.



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    Hi David,

    we use vet bed, got six bit's off ebay, cut to size been in and out of the washing machine loads of times, also graet for the back of the truck.

    hope this helps Anthony

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    VetBed for me too. Bought some huge bits off ebay and cut to size, for plastic bed, crates and the back of the car. We use it during whelping and litter raising too, and bought it specifically because it can be machine washed.

    Just watch out for the green backing - it has a tendency to wear off during use, leaving a green dust which when you wash it can coat the washing machine... Don't wash whites straight after washing vetbed!


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    dog beds

    Hi David,
    Vet bed is ok but not if you get a chewer as it shreds. We've recently been using fleece. Dunelm mill do a large pet sheet for 4.99. It washes well and drys really quickly.
    Ideal for pups as well, as moisture wicks away.

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    Another vote for Vet bed, for some reason it's the only bed Max doesn't chew. His has been washed about 4 times now and is holding up well.
    I wish I could pop Max in the Hotpoint sometimes as he bloody stinks, he's been in the flight pond tonight.


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    Thank you for the ideas.


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