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Thread: Moderator & gun threads.....what lubricant?

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    Moderator & gun threads.....what lubricant?

    Hi, just bought my first centre fire rifle, a Tikka T3 lite in .243 with Ase Utra moderator. I know to remove the moderator after use but what to put on the thread. My RFD said petroleum jelly and some people are either pro or against light oil or grease. It' s a stainless steel barrel. Any advice please.

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    I just wipe the threads with a cloth moistend with gun oil as I don't want oil down the barrel main thing is to remove any powder trace and moisture.
    Anything Thicker will hold grit and dirt that's my thoughts

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    copperslip and not much of it
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    A-TEC state somewhere that using a grease with a suspended material isn't wise. I use silicon grease on can buy it most places. And don't store the rifle with the moderator on...
    With the BR Toute I use copper slip.
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    BTW if yours is strippable don't ever try putting it in an ultrasonic bath for long.... takes off the finish!

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    I use 3 wraps of plumbers PTFE tape.

    Lubricates, seals and does not degrade.
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    I used LT2 gun grease from Abby. Meant for air guns it has worked fine.

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    I use Vaseline with no problem. It was the thing that my RFD suggested and it was also given as a suggestion on the manafacturers website.

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