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Thread: cost of High seat shooting

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    cost of High seat shooting

    Does anyone think that £110 per session for sitting in a high seat is a bit much?

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    Tusker the cost per stalk varies between £50to over£100 personally I think £110 is too much unless your on a really great bit of land and aren't paying trophy fees ect
    ​ Atb Tom

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    Yes! … We charge £45.00 plus VAT.



    Mike Allison
    Managing Director - Jelen Deer Services

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    Is the price inclusive of trophy fees?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckaroo8 View Post
    Is the price inclusive of trophy fees?
    No they even charge for Does.

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    As with all commodities , stalking is worth whatever people are willing to pay for it. Does seem a bit over the top to me though

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    I'd be looking else where then. I understand the whole thing on supply demand and running a business. I myself don't mind paying a guy to guide me on a stalk. Most I've paid is £80 for a STALK and we were out for 4 hours. IMO that's a fair price for a guys wage as well as his knowledge of the ground and not to forget the cost of his leases etc. I wouldn't be happy to pay the same or more to sit in a seat. There is lots of opportunity in your area so have a look around.

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    Sounds expensive to me if it doesn't include cull beast. Don't think there is much difference in cost between stalking on foot and sitting in a high seat therefore £60 seems more appropriate for roe to my thinking.

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    was he sat with you? how much do you earn an hour? it soon adds up.

    as said before it seems a bit high.

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    That sounds a lot but then again if people are willing to pay that price its only going to get more expensive

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