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Thread: Aimsport Cyclone Compact Moderator - Anyone heard one yet ?

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    Aimsport Cyclone Compact Moderator - Anyone heard one yet ?

    Evening Chaps,

    Have been searching through the archives here at SD looking for answers on this mod but all i could find were initial questions and no answers. However, this was a little while back and i wondered if anyone out there has heard one of these yet ? I am contemplating putting one of my 308 as from what i can see they are light weight and apparently comparable in noise reduction to my Wildcat Predator 8 mod which is on the .223.

    I do love that Wildcat Predator 8 but its heavy, no doubt! and is fine for foxing but for stalking it gets heavy after an hour or so, i am looking for something lighter. The Aimsport Cyclone Compact Moderator is weighing in at 395 grams for an apparent 27-31db of noise reduction, where as the Wildcat is 690grams.

    ... i must admit i would like to try something new on the new rifle, but part of me says stick with what you know is good already. Its a lot of cash to waste if i get one and they turn out to be rubbish. As it will be used for stalking im also concerned that provides good stability and reduces recoil as effectively as possible, something that the wildcat does excellently !

    Alan Rhone - Aimsport | aimZonic Moderators
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    I've got one and am very pleased with it. it's efficient, light and very well made with a good guarantee backing it up.I am no great fan of mods but this one looks as good as any i've seen

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    Thanks Old Keeper, certainly sounds promising. Ive yet to get the funds sorted to buy the mod yet as the glass and rifle set me back so have a little more time to decide but for now the Aimzonic is certainly the way i plan to go ! and chance of a pic of yours on your rifle so i can see how it looks ?

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    I need a mod for my 7.62x39, needs to be as small and light as possible to go on such a light gun.
    The standard Aimzonic (muzzle can) is on my radar, but I have not seen one or heard one, so anybody got one ?
    It should be an easy calibre to quieten down, as at most it will be 32 grains of a fast powder.


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    Interested to see how you get on with this, there's always a trade off with mods, lighter is easier to carry , yes, but weight in a moderator contributes a great deal to muzzle flip and recoil so there are distinct advantages to heavier mods, particularly on harder recoiling rifles. I have a PES T12 which is a heavy lump, but, I've yet to find quieter, or better recoil reduction, the one time I tried a lighter mod, the third eye tactical I was amazed by how much more muzzle flip there was, and by how loud it was in comparison.
    One thing is for sure though, for every mod available out there, you can be sure there will be an opinion in favour and against for each and every one, it's almost as contentious as tracking dogs!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    I got a Aimzonic cyclone plus very happy with it was looking at a lot of mods when down getting my rifle a 6.5x47 lap and went in to brock and norris and had a look at the aimzonic and Au north star the aomzonic stood out the build quietly and the 5 year guarantee and only needs cleaned a couple of times a year and its quite light also only 448g.I would get another one does not effect the rifle balance i have a 26 inch barrel and was worried about the extra length it would add to the barrel but does not bother me now at all. Well worth the money also. And recoil is not bad and no muzzle flip can watch through scope and see bullet hitting target really good piece of kit.

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