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Thread: New Member in Herefordshire

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    New Member in Herefordshire

    I am just giving a brief summary of who I am and this is the first time I have ever been on any form of forum etc, so here goes.

    Love most hunting, but really enjoy stalking, I am quite experienced and enjoy some fairly local fallow and a little muntjac, also have some kind friends who invite me to stalk roe. I have 17hmr for pests and a 243 and 308 in the armoury.
    I am really busy at work & under a bit of pressure, so stalking is my way of unwinding and not thinking about work. Have a couple of really good mates who stalk and introduced me a few years ago now.

    Hate the politics and crap around some stalkers, sorry have to be honest. I just want to enjoy my sport with like minded people. I am not a trophy hunter in and still get a thrill from a good stalk on a yearling or pricket. I have shot a few nice animals and did not enjoy it any more or less than a non trophy animal. I just like being outside with the rifle I guess! I am always up for a cull trip rather than a trophy hunt?

    I am about to try my hand at reloading soon when I learn enough and get the basic tools, really would like some advice for an absolute novice?

    Love the website and look forward to using it more in the future and meeting some like minded friends.

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    wecome mate you have picked the right forum to start, some great people on here all willing to help enjoy.


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    Welcome aboard JP
    Now that means there are 2 people on here from Herefordshire with Initails JP.
    Where abouts are you based, I'm in north west herefordshire.

    Hopefully we will have another Herefordshire members of SD meet up again soon.



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    Welcome JP,

    As they guys said loads of useful info on here...its helped me alot.

    On the subject of a Herefordshire meet of SD members i'd be well up for that. I'm actually based in Hampshire but the folks live in Ross so i'm up their a fair bit.

    Anyone fancy a meet up over the Christmas period?


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    Welcome to the site - I'm another Herefordshire member, living in northwest of the County round the corner from Jonathon.

    I reload for .270, .243 and .223 so if you're up this way and want a Reloading 101 session, drop me a PM.

    Also, I think I'm supposed to be suggesting dates and venues for the next pre-Christmas meeting of the Herefordshire / Shropshire chapter of the SD, so I'll get something posted in the Meet-ups and Discussion sections this evening. Perhaps we could be more adventurous and organise a Christmas shooting session - I can offer my home range as a venue?

    Welcome again.


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    Good idea Adam

    Over the xmas period, weekends a bit tight up to


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