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Thread: What 4X4

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    What 4X4

    I have the choice of a 4X4 pickup as a company car need to be a 4 cab to fit the kids in I am looking at the Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara, Toyata Hilux, or VW Amrok they need to do a lot of road miles but also reasonable on off road what one would you chose for comfort and practicality? I know itís probably like asking what caliber rifle you should use but I thought I would ask.

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    Not enough imfo regards use.

    most do what it says on tin.

    my navara is 10 years old now and has done everything asked of it.

    things high on my wish list would be,,

    first gear ratio low enough to set off without slipping the clutch,
    third diff, or manual freewheel hubs
    syncro on high/low change
    good ground clearance without anything sensitive hanging down.
    good 3.5 ton towing

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    How much can you spend?
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    Throw the Isuzu in the mix they want some beating as well

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    Well I'll tell ya I was bloody glad to see Macky yesterday with his Toyota to pull my Ranger out of a very deep hole!!!

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    if i had the cash and the choice

    i would have a lux all day long.

    if i wanted to look like a london kids taxi.....the VW

    if i want it to spend more time in their garage than my drive ...............the nissan

    and i have only had one mishap with a l200 and that was when it ran into the back of my works van......................and i lost big style.

    good luck with this its a real cracker of a post.

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    I'm watching this thread with interest - I'm contemplating changing my 07 Shogun Sport for a Double Cab Pick up

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    Hilux without a doubt even though I've had a L200 for the last 9 years

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    If you're doing predominantly road work then the Navara would get, and did get, my vote.

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