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Thread: Sauer 202 moderator

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    Sauer 202 moderator

    Waiting for variation for a Sauer 202 .270, at present have a T8 but the 202 needs a front mounted can, Jacksons do a CMM-4 centerfire which weighs 220g, cant find any detais on their website, anyone know about this mod, Jet Z seems to be the most popular on here, any other lightweight mods out there.

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    I am sure you can use a north star mate no problem and will be perfect on a 202. I have one on order.

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    looks a good bit of kit !

    im in the market for a new mod in the new year, i think im going to give it a look .
    atvb lee

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    I am not sure of the price but i am told i can get one for 220 is that a good deal.

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    i dont think what you have been told is to far out , when you can ge a t8 for around 2oo quid !

    i was looking at the jetz but ill be buggered if im gonna pay over 300 quid for it though !

    cheers lee

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    i paid 249 for my northstar

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    Have you looked at the A-tec website?

    I've also spotted this rather similar mod:

    Available in a choice of materials, bit heavier than 220g, but then it probably has more steel in it so it'll probably last longer... (Just speculation!)

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    Mat no offence but i don't think there will be that many who will deal with Roedale for stuff after all the people he let down a few years back and the ATEC JTEC are old hat times have moved on but i will hold judgement till i use one for a few months.

    Andrew what is your opinion of the north star.

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    No offence taken, just pointing out something I'd seen on a website, not a personal recommendation. People are free to make up their own minds, I've not had many dealings with Roedale but I've not been let down so far. I'm sure others will be interested in your experiences of them.

    Not sure what you mean by JTEC? As far as I can tell the latest Roedale offering is rather similar to the latest ATEC CMM so not sure what you mean by old hat.

    I've got one of the older ATEC moderators: I picked it because it was strippable, and at the time someone on here posted a link to a pdf with some test results done by Sporting Rifle magazine - the results were amongst the best of the bunch and it was about the lightest at 550g.

    Having had it for a while, the main annoyance was that bushing unscrews when you tighten up the mod, which IMHO is a major design flaw: I cured this with a turn of PTFE tape, I decided that Locktite would be a bit too permanent.

    Other than that whilst it's nice to be able to strip it, I really can't be arsed! (It gets really mucky inside and life is too short for cleaning it) Last time I looked inside, there was some surface damage to some of the alloy baffles (<100 rounds in a 308 win 22" barrel).

    From what I gather about the Jager Sporting Arms version of this mod, these problems have been cured: the bushing has a LH thread so it tightens when you tighten the mod, also all the baffles are stainless steel.

    I'm somewhat sceptical about any mod that has alloy baffles, in terms of their long term durability, so with the ATEC CMM, it sounds suspiciously light, I don't think I'd get one without making sure it has stainless steel in the right places.


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    Don't get Dave (L.D.G.) on about Pete (Roedale) it could be a long post.



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