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Thread: Scope and mount on top ejecting Winchester 94

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    Scope and mount on top ejecting Winchester 94

    Any one have a top ejector and using a scope?
    I've been using peep sights on mine but as I am getting older it's time to change to a scope. Any combo mount/scope suggestion? Caliber 375Win, use: deer.
    ​Also any suggestions as to where to buy the mounts - probably side mounts - would be appreciated.


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    I had an older 94 that had a weaver side mount on it with an older fixed 3X weaver scope on it. It worked well enough, but it did effect the balance of the rifle. It didn't feel right if you know what I mean.As far as I know Weaver still sells them. I've seen a few top ejects with Burris Fast Fire red dot sights on them. The sight base fits in the rear sight dovetail, it is a very simple solution and doesn't effect the balance of the rifle as badly as a side mount does.

    I have 50+ yr old eyes myself and I'm facing the same problem. The Burris red dot rifle sight is very easy to use and is just as fast, if not faster, than iron sights. It does have a huge advantage in low light conditions and works great for shooting with both eyes open. I've seen a number of Marlin 1895's in 45/70 set up this way for close range/ dangerous game rifles. They seem to work quite well.

    I'm not to sure of the availability of these sights in the UK but they are widely available here for about $ 300 to $ 400 cdn. Unlike the US , most Canadian dealers will ship to the UK although I'm not familiar with UK import restrictions.

    I hope this helps, AB

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    Thanks a lot! I will look into it.
    Never considered a red dot. I shoot mainly around the 50 to 100 yrd range at roe deer, which are smaller than white tail.
    I suppose as you get older your eyes get worst but your stalking skills improve - I know, wishful thinking.
    Not many people use lever actions for deer in this country. Quite a shame really as they are very pointable, quick mount guns ideal for woodlands.
    The American export restrictions are getting quite ludicrous. Any time you contact a US dealer, they automatically assume you are part of the Taliban.
    Any suggestions for online shop based in Canada?
    Thanks again, John

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    You can get a good idea of prices and availability by looking on CanadianGunNutz. Its the largest online firearms site in Canada and there is a list of dealers on there. You don't have to join, but it is a really good site, to have a look at whats out there. P & D Enterprises is a really good store, I,ve known Phil for years and he's a good guy, if he can't help you he will hook you up with someone who can.

    I suggest you join CGN, there is a huge pool of knowledge about lever guns there and hundreds of guys who will gladly help you out.


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    Could well be a problem with the cartridges as the guys have said
    some are made of thinner plastic and swell on the shot so harder to eject
    try a couple of different brands and see if this helps
    regards pete

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    several things on American ebay.... seem to be pretty proud of them tho (??).... Couple old guys (bad eyes) suggested the Ghost ring sights when I asked about the same ???'s

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