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Thread: bullets not going off problem?

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    bullets not going off problem?

    ive never had this problem before so looking for a soloution , in my .22 hornet 1 in ever 5/6 rounds isnt going off , the primer has been struck but nothing , could this be that ive not cleaned the primer pocket and the little hole is blocked or would the round still go off regardless?im using cci small rifle primers if this helps any , and the poweder is compressed as well as the case is full when im reloading them , the primers arent kept in damp condtions either there in my spare bedroom any ideas why this is happening ?

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    Only had this with factory ammo so I may be well off but that was down on one shotgun to a firing pin problem and on a rifle to what appeared to be the primer caps being very hard.

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    have you tried a different batch of primers? how worn is the firing pin? how many times have you reloaded the cases, have you primer pocket reamed them too deep?

    sorry to ask all the questions, but there'll be a reason and solution in there ;-)

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    I You might already be there with dirty primer flash holes. Are you getting light strikes with the firing pin? Firing pin spring nice and clean? Hole through which the tip of the firing pin protrudes is nice and clean (unlike your flash holes!), end of firing pin is even and unworn? Check your case cleaning routine: include an extra step after tumbling to push any wedged tumbling medium out of the flash hole.

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    the cases have only been reloaded 3 times and ive never cleaned out the primer pockets could this be the problem you think?

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    Do you tumble your cases to clean them? I always get pieces of walnut media sticking in flash holes when i do.

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    "bullets not going off problem?" Not a problem bullets aren't supposed to go off, they will last for years, they may discolour but they won't go off

    I take it Robert that you are actually having misfires, your loaded cartridges/rounds are not firing.You just need to work through it methodically to find out what's happening or rather not happening.

    Firstly you need to determine if it actually the cartridge at fault or if the rifle is giving you light strikes due to a fault with the rifle. Try some other ammunition or prime another empty case and try that in the rifle. Once you have established that the rifle is not at fault you need to look at the rounds that you have loaded.

    Pull the bullets on a couple of rounds that you previously loaded. Set the powder charge to one side. (Is there any evidence of scorching to the powder?)
    1. Slowly decap the case and examine the primer. Has it detonated but failed to ignite the powder charge?
    2. Is it possible that you crushed the primer when seating it or conversely have you failed to seat it deep enough and it hasn't sat properly in the primer pocket. Dirty primer pockets could be the problem here.
    3. Unlikely but have you contaminated the primer somehow?
    4. Is the flash hole blocked?

    Look at these things first. It has to be something simple after all it isn't a difficult process and as long as you follow the instructions in your reloading manual you can't go far wrong.
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    I had this with some WLR primers .............................. they just got too old. I had bought them some years before but the big question is how old were they before i bought them. It took me a while to work through them and I ended up scraping the last few hundred out of this box. I have bought two boxes (2000) at the same time.

    The replacement Federal primers worked in in the same "load" just fine. WLR were not available at that time locally hence the switch of brand.

    The other thing could be contamination. Those who apply case lube by hand are more at risk of this, I use a case lube pad when sizing but I clean the cases and then wash my hands before loading the Lee Hand primer and priming the cases. This minimises the risk of lube contamination.

    With only three reloads per case I doubt that enough crud could have built up to stop the primer seating properly this of course will not stop someone being ham fisted and crushing the primers though.

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    Do they fire at the second or third time of asking ?
    A yes would point towards dirty primer pockets and primers not seated properly because of it.
    (or a knacked firing pin or spring)


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    I had the same problem a while back using blc2 powder. I was using cci br4 primers and run out of them. Got some cci 400s and they did the same thing- the primer went off but didn't run hot enough to ignite the powder.what powder are you using and what primers?

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