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Thread: Shooting Show Stoneleigh Park

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    Shooting Show Stoneleigh Park

    Will many of the outdoor clothes manufacturers be at this event? Looking to pick up a new jacket / trouser combo but don't want to second guess on the mail order catalogues, would prefer to try them on.

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    Go to The shooting show, Gun Show UK, British Shooting Shows 6th Fantastic Year, and check out the exhibitors...

    Pretty much every brand will be represented across the stands. Unlikely that they'll have their own space though, instead relying on resellers to do that for them
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    Yes, I'm in the same situation. Need new winter stalking boots but would want to try them on rather than buy via catalogue and then have to return them for one reason or another. Hope Shooting Show will have plenty to offer. rr

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    Tip !
    Make a list of what you want.
    Obtain a list of exibitors.
    Arrive early and find out location of each from guide.
    Buy everything you want or chat with everyone you wish and get the all your business done with.

    Last year was a shambles, by 11.30 you couldn't move !
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    more in one place but can get rammed and hard to move around as others say get a list and map buy your kit and get away before the the drive way gets jammed aswell last year was a real log jam !

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    Thanks for the heads up, will do

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    Was thinking of attending this year as been to every one bar last year's "protest vote for moving it away from the north" however from stories of last year's show how they get there act together organising it as here it was a joke last year

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    Interesting, I was thinking I might make a trip to this event as it's prettt local, but having heard that maybe I won't bother...I tend to go unreasonably irate around crowds of people

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    Can you buy ammo at the Shooting Show, as long as you bring your FAC?

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    I would imagine parking on the grass is going to be a nightmare. Last year it was snow/slush and cars were towed off by tractor.

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