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Thread: A View From My Window

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    A View From My Window

    Early morning and the first of the suns rays makes the silvery hoar frost encrusted grass sparkle like gem stones, a thick white mist lies in the hollows and tendrils of it can be seen on the surface of the Loch, this frost mist is much whiter than the mist one would normally encounter on the hill., On the side of the glen where the sun has penetrated the frost, the Birch trees now, bare of leaves look purple in the distance, likewise the Rowans have lost their leaves, their orange berries long since devoured by Fieldfares. Strangely enough the tall Larch's by the Loch side still retain their needles,no longer green but a shimmering gold in the suns rays. A group of deer suddenly appear from the mist to bask in what little warmth this late Autumn sunshine can provide. Turning the glass on them, one can see that some of them have frost clinging to their necks and backs, however this is no great hardship for them as a Red deer's winter coat is a double coat, quite different from the single coat of summer, the outer guard hairs of the winter coat resist the wet, keeping dry their inner woolly coat, which insulates the animal from the cold. One will often see Red deer in wet weather apparently soaked, give themselves a quick shake leaving them quite dry. The group is made up of hinds, calves and followers, the knobbers now returned to their place in the group, from which they had been displaced during the rut. The stags having left for their wintering ground sometime ago. Within little more than an hour the sun has banished the frost from the glen and is climbing into a cloudless blue sky and while it promises to be a good day, somehow the magical beauty of the early morning has been lost.
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    I was looking for a photograph to appear Jim, but didn't need one.

    for anyone who has spent time in the highlands, this scene is easily imagined as though you have just experienced it yourself.

    i was out the back of 7 this morning walking the dogs round the stubble fields that have not yet been ploughed next to the house. Hard frost, sun just coming up, the odd pheasant getting out their way. I absolutely love this time of year. Autumn/winter stalking wins every time for me...

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    I had to put my hands in me pocket after turning up the collar!, then quicken me step a bit to keep warm
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    the image it gives you in your head is far greater than any photo, great write up

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    BG, having known you for more years than we want to admit to, I am still amazed at the posts you put up on here. (that is pleasantly amazed) I do hope you are keeping them all to put together some day. True country folk will love it and as has already been said "no photo needed"...John
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    spot on makes me want to be up there with you

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    Was expecting a picture too, but I can just about see it.

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    Now I have to visit the highlands even sooner......
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    WB Here is what it was like saturday.

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