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Thread: Stalking dvd's

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    Stalking dvd's

    i have for sale 3 brand new stalking dvd's from croatia
    red deer stalking in croatia 7.00
    roe buck hunting in croatia 7.00
    hunting the trophy roe buck in may in croatia 7.00
    p&p is 2.00 discount on p&p if more are purchased at once

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    I will have them all if you are able to sent them over to the Netherlands. Off course i will pay for the extra P&P.

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    If you can't post to Holland I'll take all 3 please.

    Last edited by Hornet 6; 11-11-2013 at 10:23. Reason: bold "can't"

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    If you don't send abroad I would like them. Let me know what happens. Thanks

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    @ Nel 243 I have transferred the money yesterday evening. Please give me a sign you got it. Thx.
    (sorry @ woodmaster and Hornet 6)

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    Dvds received in good order, Thank you.

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