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Thread: 16 bore cartridges.

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    16 bore cartridges.

    Hope to be getting a s/h AYA No 3 16 bore shortly, for walked-up and rough shooting (pheasants mainly). My local gun shops don't have much of a choice of cartridges, so I'll probably have to order a slab of 250 from just cartridges. Any recommendations would be appreciated, looking for a load around 26 grams with felt wads.

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    Been using hull high pheasant in no6-26. Work well WHEN I point in the right direction-which is rare!!
    Do not get along with eley or gamebore at all. The three crowns by hull are also good.

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    Have you tried Dauncey Guns Rupert?

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    Witty has them I will be there this week and can bring some when I see you if you let me know what you want

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