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Thread: Tikka T3

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    Tikka T3

    Just bought a Tikka T3 Lite S/ .243......very happy with it. Tikka website states that the magazine capacity is one in chamber and three in magazine. I have tried one in chamber, bolt closed then tried to fit the magazine. Was very stiff so I didn't force it. Only curious.....would never need four ready to go. a relative beginner...was shown how to stalk with my rifle 'underloaded' my case with the T3 this means bolt closed on an empty chamber and and the magazine holding two rounds in mentioned above...I cannot get the magazine with three rounds to fit in against the closed this 'underloading' considered good practice generally??

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    You should get 3 in the mag easy!
    With the bolt out check the mag well for obstructions!
    Do you here the click when the mag engages the front retaining spring?
    Is it a brand new rifle? If so you may have to be a little firm! But check to make sure there is nothing in the way before hand.

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    Once you get it figured out you will love the rifle.
    I have a .308 Tikka T3 and love it!

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    I have the same rifle in 6.5x55. Great action, accurate, and nice and light to carry. You should have no trouble putting a mag with 3 rounds into it with the the bolt closed. Either your doing something not quite right, or the rifle is not functioning properly. Once past this early frustration, I'm sure you will enjoy your new t3.

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    FWIW: Got an email from Boyds Stocks. They are now making T-3 stocks.~Muir

    Now, if I could just get Magpul to make reasonably priced magazines!!

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    There is a problem with the larger mags, not sure if it applies to the small mags. The follower plate gets caught on the split line of the mag preventing further rounds being loaded in. The follower plate is removed by pushing down on the back of it so the nose is high, then pulling it out with the leaf spring. Check witness marks around the skirt of the follower plate.

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    My T3 mag was occasionally a little stiff to fit with 3 rounds in it when the bolt was closed - required a little force. But it imporved with time.

    I usually stalk with one in the chamber anyway, so my solution was to open the bolt, fit the mag with 3 rounds in it, and then close the bolt, loading one round.

    I have once been in a situation where I needed all 3 rounds, so I'm not too happy just having the 2.

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    As said you should have no problems fitting a mag with 3 rounds in it against a closed bolt. Something is wrong with the mag If you can't work it out take it back (if you bought it from a gun shop) or take to your local gun shop and get them to have a look. You can also fit the varmint 5 round mag.
    I love my T3 in .243 & .308 both stainless / synthetic varmints. I had the .308 lite but couldn't get on with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    FWIW: Got an email from Boyds Stocks. They are now making T-3 stocks.~Muir

    Now, if I could just get Magpul to make reasonably priced magazines!!

    Got à boyds t3 stock on its way should be here tué/wed

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    just tried this on my new t3 in .308 thats only shot 20 rnds. 1 in the chamber and 3 in the mag - all worked fine, mag went in as normal and could cycle all 4 rounds

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